BERLIN IN B&W – project by Laura De Dilectis

6 Gennaio 2020

I don’t know if I wanted to publish this project, but I did. So I will talk about it. This was my first ever film camera roll. I was in Berlin in 2017, and in one day I shot what I saw, walking alone in the center of Berlin. I think this is a relationship project because this BERLIN IN B&W talks about love. Maybe you cannot see it in the photos, but I remember exactly the feelings of this day. I was in love, that’s all, and I think that these photos in black and white they seem timeless, like love. That day with my film camera I made eternal love, because when I see these photos, nothing has changed. And yet they look like photos of the distant 1920, of a different Berlin. This eternity is the subject of this photographic series.

Laura De Dilectis is the creator of HumanWonder. Graduated in psychology, she explains her constant existential research through photography, poetry, dance, cinema and love for art and for humanity. She lived in Rome, Paris, Berlin and Lisbon. Discovery and curiosity characterize her life.

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