Màngiamore – project by Rachele Tonioni

6 Gennaio 2020

Eating well, taking time to eat with people I love  and build relations around a table are fundamental for me.  Most of the memories that I have of people are related with food or meals so I try to tell some of these relations with these photographs: food is eating with those you love or something made with love. My aim was to see something more behind food. Something connected with people passing through familiar situations like a breakfast with friends, a snack together or making a juice.  This project is composed from different series, each serie is related with someone I love. I photographed the entire process, from the beginning until the end when the food was finished or destroyed. The fruits serie is about what my mom was used to do for me every morning: make a juice for my breakfast. It was a completely instinctive process: I put the same attention and love for what I was doing, like my mom did making the juice. In each serie the natural light plays an important role: the photographs are like paintings, where contrast gives depth. The different sizes and a white frame valorize each of them, creating a harmonious and balanced composition.


Rachele Tonioni is a young Italian interior designer with a focus on communication design, based in Milan and enrolled at Politecnico di Milano University. Always with a passion for photography, she experienced a new approach to photography during her Erasmus at IADE University in Lisbon. She always starts from her personal experiences with an eye at the small things of every day to create her works. She loves to work on different kind of project, from illustration, to photography and graphic design finding her inspiration in what is around her.

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