#quarterlifecrisis – project by Clara Parmigiani

6 Gennaio 2020

It should be the age of evasion, but the 25-year crisis is characterized by anxiety caused by the uncertainty of social and labor relations. The cause of this period of confusion and depression is the impossibility of becoming adults and the lack of real prospects for the future. We expect to find a job that satisfies us and makes us make money and then travel around the world. The reality is that instead we find ourselves without work or with one we don’t like, exploited and underpaid (or sometimes not even paid for). In a nutshell: we live with the pain of living glued on. “What am I doing? I should have chosen another faculty. But what do I want? What would make me happy? How do you get out of all this heaviness? Maybe I should go abroad “. Existential doubts and uncertainties accentuated by a social and economic situation unrelated to previous generations. This project stems from the need, indeed from the personal urgency, to be aware of one’s own abilities and to love oneself; from the awareness that, despite everything, it is a positive experience, preparatory to change and progress.

Born and raised in the province of Milan, Clara is a fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Milan. Clara attended the Italian Institute of Photography. She loves culture and creativity in all their forms.

Clara uses the photographic set as if it were a theatrical stage, on which to direct the show, staging stories that link shades of her personality (femininity, elegance, melancholy, lightness…) with details, nature and plays of light. She loves experimenting.


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