Ivy in NYC – project by David Collier

17 Gennaio 2020

Ivy in NYC shot in my air BnB apartment in Brooklyn when I was there.

Again simple and using the spaces we had.
Photographer David Collier @davidcollierModel – Ivy

I am based in Australia and shoot mainly with 35mm film as it produces the best colour and results. Most of what I publish is not edited at all except for a little bit of copping and maybe 25% would have the very slightest colour correction. (My limit is about 1 minute as I want to show the true shot best I can).  My work often covers home based stories about the person in their environment and aim to tell a story and show the character of the person. I also want to entice the viewer to have a sense of “wanting to be there” or waning to “be like them”. The images also often show a certain cheekiness and confident attitude. My shoots are always fun, well organised but able to adapt on the day. We don’t take it too seriously and always have a few laughs. I work in Sydney as a senior producer and art buyer in advertising agencies freelance contract which pays the bills and allows me to just shoot what I want. I only do about 8-10 shoots a year. I work 8 months and travel about 3-4 months each year.

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