Current state: Covid19 and digital hysteria – project by Mattia Pintonello, Vitalij Weber and Sara di Lauro

20 Marzo 2020

Current state: Covid19 and digital hysteria is a project realized during Post-Screen 2020, a festival dedicated to new media arts and a series of workshops that this year took place in ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo (Brera, Milano).

The work is conceived from the observation of a general state of confusion, disinformation, and improbability, that was being outlined at the media level, that from that point forward exploded in a total Italian lockdown of March 2020.

The video installation is realized via VVVV, an open-source block programming software, that enabled to extrapolate posts on Covid-19, published in real-time on some of the main online social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Aesthetics of Current state: Covid19 and digital hysteria purposely remind thermal cameras used in airports around the world for contactless body heat measurement.

Video overlays are the equivalent of saturation to information/disinformation which was occurring at that time before the actual spread of the Virus. Spread that verified in the last weeks of February 2020.

Project is born in an ambivalent state: from one side a feeling of primordial threat, and on the other, the paradoxical science-fiction vision of what has been emerging. Each event is a branching point for the entire world.



Mattia Pintonello is a photographer and videomaker who graduated at the Brera Art Academy in Milan, he works in ADV (in particular products and food) and during his free time, he likes to experiment with new visual media technology and software (likes VVVV).


Vitalij Weber and Sara di Lauro are an artistic couple working in a field of Graphic Design and Stage Set. Duo Involved in the organization of the exhibitions and scenography of electronic music events among which Desparaitre by Ethan Assouline, Flith Cage for Scum#2. Praising the “Flesh & Bones of Art” attitude, this duo is moving towards open sites, away from digital screens through abandoned spaces, to eventually bring artifacts generated by this movement back in the digital realm.




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