TUBICI – DINNER WITH CRIME – project by Lorenzo Pellegrino

18 Aprile 2020

It’s a project born from the collaboration between Domenico Iovine and Vincenzo Sabatino that thanks to an impeccable organization managed to finalize everything smoothly and perfectly.

“Working with them was an incredible experience and I am really happy about the content we achieved. A special thanks to my troupe that perfectly handled time and space. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve this result in the best professional way.”


“What’s the secret of true coolness today? For sure dare being yourself and for these reasons love yourself for what you are. If fashion is self-expression, freedom, fun, and beauty, TUBICI is the unexpected idea of accessory for women and men, to wear in every moment for a gutsy look or to make an evening outfit even more unique.

Mini bag “to die for”, collectibles, almost jewels of precious and craft made in Italy.

Founded in 2019 by Domenico Iovine and Vincenzo Sabatino, a creative duo based in Milan with a long experience in Architecture in the world of Fashion, TUBICI proposes compelling necklace bags made with fine leathers (little calf, suede, python, Ayers, rubberized Kangaroo) and different nuances ( white egg, Yellow lime, glossy black, silver), with the all Pink inside lining: the color of love, of empathy, of positivity. A color, even more, genderless which helps to clear your head from negativity.

The happy and hedonistic philosophy of TUBICI comes in four styles. Every style is dedicated to a city symbol: Mykonos, Paris, Milan and Los Angels. Four styles that go from a soft pouch, as an old purse (Mykonos), to the more structured round mini bag (Milan) going through the squared one (Paris) and the rectangular one (Los Angeles).

Every TUBICI is created and handcrafted in Italy only with naturally tanned leathers and silver iridescent, Croco, python, natural trimmings. Each bag has Its own “jewelry chain “ made of metal (with silver or gold details) or of leather. TUBICI thinks positive: many materials are from the food industry or from upcycling processes, thanks to the main Italian leather distributors’ collaboration. In the near future, TUBICI will be totally sustainable.

TUBICI is the must-have accessory, a mini bag to put close to your heart, where every bag has its place with all the secrets inside.



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Lorenzo Pellegrino, Director e Creative Content Creator classe 1999. I was born in Naples and raised in Portici. In 2017 I approached the audiovisual production world as a self-taught and I still am today. Thanks to my family and to a special person that always supported me, I managed to achieve and create projects which I am very proud of. I do strongly believe in what I do, I am very dedicated to my projects and I am not scared of sacrifice. Producing high quality creative contents it’s my daily purpose and I could not be happier about it.


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