Sempreverde – project by Sandra Shee

31 Maggio 2020

In this series, Sandra Shee replaces with leaf compositions the muscular bands present in human anatomy.



These 5 other performances, are artists from the world of music who inspire and have the support of Sandra Shee.


Sandra Shee class 95, operating in Italy.
She elaborates her own projects using vector graphics, obtaining images in a “flat” but realistic style. In the development of her latest works, she eliminates the use of curved strokes in favor of compositions created only of straight lines.
This is a contrast between the flat vector design and the achievement of a realistic image, the lines do not recall a minimal design but the overlapping of flat figures formed by straight lines makes it possible to obtain a realistic result.
In 2020 begins its path characterized by the enhancement of green tones. Evergreen.


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