Alchemy of emotions – project by Yu Lin Humm

5 Settembre 2020

Alchemy of emotions is a selection of photographs shot by Yu Lin Humm.
It is a series that portraits humans floating into their own vulnerability, surrounded by rising temperature waters.


Water is energy in motion, emotion.

Earth is a water planet, just like our bodies are made of water.

We all come from the same water.

How do we move into our inner ocean,

do we swim towards

our deepest shadows

or do we always remain on the

surface of it?

You aren’t apart from this living organism,

you are part of it, you are in it

as it is in you.

it is all inside you, constantly moving.

Do you fear feeling your emotions?

Are you a refugee of your own


Our minds rise above

the sea of emotions,

they depend on it.

You can trust it, the

water carries you


Water knows no borders.

The fear of change and

evolution is creating a crisis

that polarizes societies.

In such times it is crucial for

each of us to practice centering

activities which unify our inner

dual nature.

Because water is a conductor of both

positive and negative frequencies,

for us to balance and embrace our

selves it is necessary to clear the


inside our bodies and outside in the

oceans, lakes and rivers.

The waters in which we now dwell

are saturated with polluting thoughts

and actions.

It is time to relate to our source and

to take care of it, to honour it.

As we all have an elecric ocean

within, inhabited by a diversity

of substances, we can go back

to our abundant source within

by the mindful observation of

our inner world.

© Yu Lin Humm, 2020

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