Clothes as in the representation of Men – project by Elisa Molteni

13 Novembre 2020

The project ‘Clothes as in the representation of Men’ has the purpose of presenting a diversity of realities, personalities, and features. This develops throughout a study that researches the clothes that represent the people themselves. Images remove any kind of prejudice evaluating everyone’s uniqueness. I decided to embrace men’s fashion and represent it with its diversified forms.

I’m Elisa Molteni and I pursuing a career as a photographer and I’m based in Milan. I started to photograph at the age of sixteen years old. Currently I’m studying graphics and visual communication, which are my other two passions. To me photography is a means to portrait humanity and testify as a
witness of major events in current times. Indeed I think the human presence is fundemental. My purpose is to create with every shot minimalistic images and defying every detail of it; that is merely my way to express myself and my point of view. With my artworks I want to overthrow stereotypes and the prejudices of society.
Instagram: @elisamolte

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