Mascolinità non tossica – project by Claudia Verroca

27 Gennaio 2021


This new project comes from the need to break down the boundary between femininity and masculinity through the use of accessories “typically feminine”.

The result will be to unite two worlds that meet without altering the virility of the subject.

Credits: @sonosolostorie 

Model @nicola.carazzai




 Claudia Verroca is 21 years old and a young freelance photographer, she deals mainly with portraiture and fashion photography.

Born in Palermo, she now lives in the Marche region and studies law in Bologna.

Her Instagram page @sonosolostorie is her window on the others through which she observes the interiority of her subjects drawing complex and tangible glances.

She frequently collaborates with several online and print magazines (Mob Journal, Iconic, Vogue, Horizont Magazine) and with local realities.



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