14 Aprile 2021



HW: Can you introduce us to THEMOIRè?

TM: THEMOIRè is a project that cares about human and environmental matters in everything it does.

HW: Talk to us a little bit about your project and how you got started…

TM: THEMOIRè is born in Milan in December 2019 with the aim of generating a positive change for people and for our planet, creating a brand with the least possible environmental impact, ethical and ecologically responsible, with particular attention to functional elegance and quality.

HW: What’s the philosophy behind your projects?

TM: For our name we were inspired by the mythological Moires, Greek goddesses who orchestrated the destiny of people, and like them we would like to sew the seams of a more sustainable future and promote responsibility for the environment and the values of integration and equality. THEMOIRè’s goal is to grow a brand connected with the planet, active, conscious and true, involving people through themes and topics of social interest with special initiatives and projects.


HW: What products do you use to make your bags?

TM: Protecting nature is one of our biggest concerns, so we create our products using as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. The fabrics research is very important for a project like THEMOIRè, in fact we have recently introduced some new and innovative eco-leathers obtained from the Nopal Cactus plant or from apple industry wastes. Our bags are also made with natural materials like Cork or Raffia, recycled materials like Eco Fur or recycled cotton, and also a Vegan Leather in PU (an eco-alternative to PVC). Besides, all linings are made using 100% recycled materials, predominantly from PET plastic bottles and even the threads and internal labels are formed from recycled nylon, which partially comes from fishing nets.

HW: Your products are completely Made in Italy other than sustainable. According to you, what identifies made in Italy products?

TM: THEMOIRè is not only made in Italy, but in particular our bags are made in Milan where our headquarters are located. This obviously means quality, but for us also sustainability because being eco-friendly is also transparency, and we want to be in control of our entire production chain.

HW: What do you think about the evolution of the sustainable fashion market, and why is the topic coming out in this moment?

TM: Do you see a real change both in brands and in the conscience of the consumers? Recently we have witnessed a continuous increase in the ethical and ecological awareness, especially in young people who are hungry for information through social networks in a continuous circle that naturally leads to the request of products which follow this philosophy and satisfy it. Therefore, small capsules, a few collection with recycled packaging or recycled fabrics are no longer enough, we need brands that are environmentally friendly through 360 degrees. Last year has been tough too and opened the eyes of many people, environmental awareness has grown, sustainability in fashion has become a hot topic. We really like the idea of a world that care about the environment but we are conscious that to avoid catastrophic environmental changes using recycled materials won’t be enough, and for this reason THEMOIRè organizes different initiatives and donates part of its incomes to organizations that can help with environmental and humanitarian issues. Change must be supported, the energy generated by a positive change reverberates, creating new opportunities. We are all interconnected and interdependent: a dynamic network. In a very complex economic scenario brands and customers must cooperate to great a better fashion industry and a better world.

HW: Could you tell me something about your initiative in collaboration with Giraffa Onlus?

TM: Being responsible means caring for the environment but also for people, and THEMOIRè tries to develop this perspective through specific projects like the latest initiative in collaboration with Giraffa Onlus. We celebrated the International Women’s Day by supporting this association, an Apulian Onlus made up of women who take care of women victims of violence. They have embarked on a path of awareness and information, managing to create support for women where there was previously indifference and emptiness. From 8th to 31st March the 20% of each purchase made on our e-shop has been donated to Giraffa Onlus. We think that supporting the change is our duty because every small positive step can make a difference. We don’t turn our heads because every little gesture matters.



HW: You’ve just launched a brand new collection of trench coats, what’s in store for the future?

TM: We like to think of THEMOIRè as a brand a little outside the box, we would like to detach it from the concept of the classic collections with standard deliveries, standard timing and everything else. For this reason THEMOIRè is more a concept brand continuously growing and expanding with capsules and collaborations like the one with LuisaViaRoma. We really love experimenting and researching shapes and materials, we launched a trench capsule where the iconic coat is re-interpreted with a sophisticated tailored cut, sustainability playing a central role, consistent with the brand’s DNA.

HW: What advice would you give to a creative who wants to do your job?

TM: In this industry is important to have the desire to get involved, but above all to be always up to date. Not only in fashion, but to be updated on what is happening in the world, on current events, and you need to have your own opinion. Being aware of what is around us is essential to take the right path. Moreover, looking around is also useful to stay always inspired, to find things and people that can feed our creativity.

HW: How can fashion stimulate humanity?

TM: As we said before, we really like the idea of a world that care about the environment, but being conscious it also means to care about people. Fashion is pure communication, so it is essential to communicate well and communicate the right values. It is our duty to be sustainable and responsibile in everything we do. And when we cannot reduce our footprint directly, we need to do our best with projects and the restoration of forests. In fact initiatives like our collaboration with Giraffa Onlus but also our project “TOGETHER by THEMOIRè”, which aims to create a strengthening dialogue between unique artisans around the world and the values of our brand to enhance the craftsmanship of a community in difficult situations, are very helpful. THEMOIRè is also planting a tree for every bag sold with TreeNation to protect and restore nature all around the world. These goals push us to improve every day through the search for more eco-friendly alternative methods and materials, in a path that we hope will always go for the best.




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