About Us




How is HumanWonder born?

L: The magazine is the result of a journey that I have undertaken since I was born: the search for emotions, the sense of life, a sense of fragility.

Over the years I have been very influenced by poetry, philosophy and, above all, psychology, which I started studying.

I then noticed that in psychology we never talk about beauty of the human being, in his fragility and imperfection and this seemed to me more and more absurd.

Human wonder is an hymn to the human being, to wonder, to the continuous research of self, of beauty (in English wonder and wondering).

I decided to create this magazine to enhance human fragility, to stimulate reflection, to bring about change, to create a suggestion through visual thinking and art, which has no answers but just interpretations.

A: humanwonder.mag for me it’s the son of the nights.
Those nights spent in conversations on true beauty of a person, on fragility and on how a person can manifest himself through art and mind.

Through which emotions do you dedicate to art?

L: “All lives are, in one sense or another, missed lives: art is there to help these shortcomings. If they did not exist, art would no longer make sense: it would no longer correspond to a need”. Umberto Saba to Elsa Morante.

Art is not sublimation for me, but life itself. Art shakes us even when we don’t want it, puts aside the rational word, logic, meaning; in this sense, emotion and art are the same thing.

A: For me, art is all that you find that can arouse something. Art is the human being itself, its fragility that becomes beauty. Art is beauty that the eye captures.

What do you look for in one photo/project?

L: I’m not looking for something, I rather feel, more than anything else. And that’s the beauty, not being able to explain technically why that thing is right. But that’s right, and that’s it.

A: You don’t look for something, you find something.

Why the t-shirts? Are you interested in the world of fashion? Will it be a new brand?

L: The world of fashion is one of the many ways we want to explore with one goal: spreading the message. The magazine has a niche target and we understood that we needed a way to hit all people and not just the world of art and psychology, in order not to fall into intellectualism.

As Machiavelli says “the end justifies the means” and we will use them all, if possible.

A: The t-shirts because it is important to be able to translate a concept in different areas and be able to communicate it. The idea is that the magazine is also connected to a brand, yes.

What are you inspired by?

L: Pascoli, Sorrentino, Heraclitus, Gauguin, Alda Merini, Pessoa and many others. Above all I can say that the discovery of positive psychology, which focus on well-being rather than on sickness, and the art world have greatly influenced the creation of the magazine and the brand.

A: Inspiration comes from the detail. Beauty is in the details, in the things that distinguish a subject, an object. The muses from different eras, in history, for me is another source of inspiration.

Which is the goal behind HumanWonder?

We want to stimulate humanity and focus on the human beauty, its fragility and imperfections, to stimulate reflection, to bring about change, to create a  suggestion through events, documentaries, projects and conferences. The human being in all its declinations is our final target.

HumanWonder was created by Laura De Dilectis & Alice Beltri in 2017.