Fashion Photography – Interview to Cristiano Pedrocco

27 Aprile 2020

HUMANWONDERR.MAG INTERVIEW/  @cristiano_pedrocco

HW: What did you want to be when you grow up?

CP: I will answer with a sentence from a song by Lucio Corsi that I’m listening to in this period: “throwing in the wind the work of years because even when we’re old we don’t know what we’ll do when we grow up”.

HW: Which musicians and photographers are you a fan of?

CP: I often change my tastes and my obsessions.
For example in this period, music wise, I’m very inspired and obsessed with Orwell PEC and the Blaze that I always listen to while driving or traveling.
For sure the singer-musician to whom I’m more connected since I was a child is Franco Battiato.
As far as photography is concerned,
I don’t follow it very much as a fan.
I don’t have permanent photographers that interest me but I find more inspiration in directors and films.
I like to do photography.

HW: Where do you get inspiration from?

CP: I could easily say… listening to music that creates an atmosphere.
Sometimes while driving I listen to music that gives me new ideas either for video or photography, especially when I’m traveling.
When you look at landscapes that you don’t know and hear music that almost acts as a soundtrack.

HW: How would you describe your work?

CP: How would I define my work?
I’ll tell you what people perceive from my works more than how I would like it to be me. Everybody often notices a strong melancholic content in my images… it’s a perpetual halo of nostalgia and it’s true because it’s a kind of feeling that reflects me a lot.

HW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

CP: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given… more than an advice I can think of a question that my father asked me when I was a child: “is the man or the cathedral more important to you?” Let’s say that so far I’ve never answered that question. But it was a question that accompanied my education a lot, in the sense of the way I built my personality.

HW: How important was it to find good mentors in your career?

CP: in my opinion, this is a time when there is a lack of teachers or anyway there are very few of them and when they are teachers they are not teachers.
so the best thing is to learn to steal with your eyes and a good teacher can let you do it.

HW: What is your best advice for someone who wants to do what you do?

CP: I think the advices are one-sided, in the sense that they only have one direction.
While the questions are the ones that allow you to find the right way.
So the question you really have to ask yourself is: “what is it that I feel the need to talk about, to tell, to express..”
This is the only thing that I recommend for anyone who starts this kind of career

HW: What do you think about the link between psychology and art?

CP: regarding the link between psychology and art…
I believe art is something that upsets you like it’s something that haunts you once you’ve seen it even after that moment.
You come back home and you have that thing in your head all the time, so it’s a strong link.
I wouldn’t say it’s something that upsets you, but something that remains impressed and haunts you.

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