Soul Sheets – project by Francesca Masi & Giulia Rossi

21 Maggio 2020


Human turmoils, emotions, contradictory feelings. Often we face with sensations that we prefer not to share, but just embrace and keep secret.

Our project talks about some recurring states of mind that we usually feel when we are alone, safe between our home walls, when we have time to reflect, and we can put our life on stand by mood for a while.

So, we start a difficult process through our deepest thoughts, our weaknesses, our hidden truths. Our mind faces up with all our memories and unspoken things, and we go under our personal space, keeping distance from the rest of the world.

Our photographic project explores invisible but common sensations like suffocation, apathy, melancholy, suspension, evasion, with which we are all forced to fight to.

Trough a deep and personal investigation, we translated these feelings into a double tale, staged by the couple body/object, that recounts the same story.


Layout Project MasiRossi


Francesca Masi was born around Florence in 1993. She got a degree in Art Conservation Chemistry at the University of Florence and a specialization course in Fashion Communication at Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome. Passion for Photography, Fashion and Fine Arts are a constant in all her studies, but they come consolidated with the academic and professional experiences of Rome and London. Especially in London she got in touch with the vibrant world of Central Saints Martins, and she did her first step into the fashion world working for the Italian designer Isa Arfen.

She loves communicating her vision across different mediums and being inspired by Nature, Cultures and People’s stories.

Giulia Rossi was born in Florence in 1993. She moved to Milan to attend Politecnico di Milano where she got a degree in Interior design and a Master degree in Product design for innovation. Passionate about craft world and hand made products, she sees the design as a perfect union between thinking and sensoriality in order to create beauty and emotion.
She cures all her projects with an important focus on colors and details, giving them a unique sense of poetry, which is typical of her nature.




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