Freedom – project by ERA ENESI VENTO

8 Luglio 2020

The memories intertwined with photography express my attempt to liberate myself and others. I obsessively search within my subconscious for the meaning of the word freedom that is expressed through the naked. The feeling of lack and unknown moves me towards the search for a sincere and intimate relationship with the people I photograph, seeing myself every time in them. Through the camera and the subjects I cancel myself, stripping myself of all the realities of my life.













Born in Tirana on February 26th, 1993.
Since she was a kid, she has been always attracted by the Helmut Newton photos, developing a real passion for nude photography. As soon as she received her first camera from her parents she started to follow her vocation.

In 2015 she attended the “Italian School of Photography” in MiIan. After the degree she started to move her first steps into the photography world, specializing in nude photography. She started to collaborate with some popular studios and exhibit her work during national and international photography exhibitions.




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