“collecteurs de plastique” – project by Alejandra Zilvetti & Solène Milcent

27 Marzo 2020

We are currently in a critical moment where our planet needs us to make some changes. There will come a time when our planet Earth will not be able to assimilate the number of plastics we use.
This collection is inspired by the French fishermen of the 80s, going back to the handmade essence in the making of garments. Created and set in a dystopian future in which there is no life left in the sea and the only thing we can collect will be our own waste.


Alejandra Zilvetti is a young costume designer. She grew up in Barcelona with a mix of cultures in her DNA. She loves to travel and freeze moments with photographs.
From the first moment anything can inspire and follow her throughout the whole project. She feels nostalgic for the past, so she always adds a vintage touch to her work.
Nature, femininity and crafts are always her essence, all accompanied by minimalism.

Born on the West Coast of France, Solène Milcent had since lived and traveled in different places around the world. Now based in Barcelona, she has no settled place of residence, and like the experience of living in different places. She has worked on various projects both personal and commissioned and exhibited her work in Barcelona and Paris. Growing up in a rural area in the west of France she feels a very strong connection with nature and the Earth. She uses mostly analog photography as a need to slow down time; away from high technology, screens, busy and fast life.





Models :
Mirva : https://www.instagram.com/mirva.kaarina/
Nicolas : https://www.instagram.com/nicolas.roses.deola/

Make up:

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