Self (true nature) – project by Martina Parolo

24 Marzo 2020


I do have some memory issues. It’s something that runs in the family. Since I started taking pictures I thought that would have helped in the next years reminding me of what I had and who I was, I have been.
I’ve been through such a challenging acceptance of myself that I’m now constantly documenting my body, my face, my shadows, my feeling, and my true nature. I’m in love with that. And I hope I’ll give my future self the same goosebumps in watching these photos like the ones I feel now while taking them.







Born in 1994, Martina approached photography during high school, helped by her father in focusing on the details of our daily reality. She studied New Arts Technologies first and Photography and Visual Design then in Milan, the place she calls home. Her photography is a visual research on Women and their bodies. Her sensitivity defines all her photos, in an intimate and private sensuality of life.






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