SUNSET DRIVE-IN – Interview with the founders

26 Giugno 2020


SDI: Sunset drive-in is a unique experience. Our goal is to spread film culture and make it a 360 degree experience.

HW: How was this project born?

SDI: The project was born from 4 guys who, passionate about cinema, wanted to give life to a completely new project. During the lockdown period, we felt the need to create something that could tempt the audience to live the vision of a film in a different way, with nostalgia, fun and curiosity. That’s why we relied on the skills of Matteo M and L, who welcomed our idea with enthusiasm and so we started it all!

HW: Introduce yourselves…

Recently returned from Los Angeles, he is a film producer, working in the production of Italian and international films.
Graduated in Law and Criminology in London, she returned to Rome to cultivate her true passion, that of acting.
Business Manager and Data Analyst graduated from Politecnico di Milano, a theatre enthusiast
Graduated from IED Rome in Fashion Communication, she moved to Milan to work in communication and fashion publishing.

HW: Who introduced you to the art of cinema?

SDI: For some, it’s a job, for others it’s a passion…let’s say it’s an innate feeling, a love at first sight!

HW: Which directors are you fans of?

SDI: We are four guys with a common passion but with different tastes, that’s why we have included a mix of different genres in our schedule, to satisfy our tastes and those of the audience. If we had to mention some of them, we would say the D’Innocenzo brothers, Q. Tarantino, Luca Guadagnino, and, without a shadow of a doubt, Sorrentino!

HW: Any previews of the films shown?

SDI: There will be really all kinds, but we can tell you that we have a really wide schedule and we will play between different decades and between different film genres.

HW: What are you obsessed with right now?

SDI: One thing that we really have in common and that has also been chosen as the name for our project, is the sunset! A magical moment that unites souls and restores a certain serenity! So yes, we are obsessed with the sunset … obviously in a positive sense!

HW: What’s the best advice you would give to someone who wants to start an artistic-cultural project?

SDI: Carrying on one’s own project is really complicated, especially from a bureaucratic point of view, but the pleasure of embarking on a path based on your passions is very satisfying!

HW: Rome or even Milan…?

SDI: For now Rome, but we are ready for any kind of adventure!

HW: The first image that comes to your mind is the word drive-in?

SDI: Simply Grease! It’s a film that makes us live with nostalgia for the moments we’ve never experienced but has managed – maybe!?!?, to catapult into our present.

HW: Where did you get the inspiration from?

SDI: From the inimitable experience that we believe is the basis of a drive-in cinema. In America, drive-in (in general) is an established concept, while for us Italians, who are not used to spending so much time in the car, it can be a great thing to try!

HW: Is romance back?

SDI: Romance is in the eyes of anyone who wants it and can see it. From the song sung in the car to ice cream at the bar. If you have to think of a context that can foster an “anachronistic” kind of romance, our drive-in can be a good opportunity to find it again.

HW: How many kisses do you expect?

SDI: Many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many!

HW: Will there be popcorn?

SDI: Mandatory! But there will also be much more

HW: What’s the dream?

SDI: The dream seems to be one that brings together many different ones. From the advancement of the world and of the film industry, for which we all struggle with our teeth clenched, to that famous hand on our shoulder that rests with a bit of awkwardness and embarrassment, everyone should indulge in a lot of kisses at sunset…

HW: Sunset drive-in… when, what, where?

SDI: From July 3rd to October, at Cinecittà studios, in the car!


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