The Grand Hotel – project by Tess de Boer X Karim Adduchi

15 Gennaio 2020

Photographer: Tess de Boer
Art Director & Producer: Shari de Riggs
Models: Jaleesa (Moxie Models), Charis (Euro Model)
Hair and Makeup: Gilke Smits (Teshura Styling)
Assistant: Xiaomei Nibbering
Location: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Karim Adduchi is a Moroccan Fashion Designer and Artist. 




Tess de Boer: I am a location independent fashion and portrait photographer. I shoot analog pictures with my Minolta camera using natural light. I am continuously exploring my photography style as I am always learning and try to travel as much as possible. I am mostly struck by the people I meet during my life and the places I visit. I can feel really drawn to someone’s presence or character and establish a spiritual connection. In these moments I want to capture that feeling and the emotions exchanged. This is why I am very passionate about portrait photography. I am very aware that everything is temporary and somehow try to capture the fragility of time in my work. I think you could say my pictures communicate a certain melancholic beauty. Which I think essentially is the same feeling you have with some of your dearest memories. When you look back you feel incredibly happy but at the same time you are really sad that you are not able to go back to that moment other than replaying the memory. 

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