PLAYAS DEL SUR – project by Nuria López Ñacle

9 Marzo 2020

This project started two years ago on a trip to Puglia, southern Italy. This trip made me aware that there is another truth about the Mediterranean beaches, which are full of people, local people.
Over there, the beach is a space full of life, a space of socialization, where every/each body is normalized and all the senses converge: the smell of popular meals, the sound of the sea mixed with so many voices of children and adults, the colors of so many swimsuits, the colorful beach umbrellas…
Beaches where you can enjoy spending every minute of the day, as if the southern sun in Italy, in Spain, in Croatia was encouraging, in a never-ending summer, to live, to share, to play and to laugh. In the south, the ideal beach is not the one that is empty and hidden away, yet the one that is open and full of people: those are the beaches portrayed in my project.


I am Nuria López Ñacle, I am 22 and I live in Madrid. I am graduated in Graphic Design and studying a Communication Degree. I like to see and portray everyday life in all the places where I travel to. Empty spaces don’t draw my attention and neither do extraordinary events. I attempt to capture with my camera only the small events in life, the normality, in that normality is where I want to find beauty.

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