17 strangers in South Russia – project by Maru Kuleshova

13 Ottobre 2020

17 strangers in South Russia, living in the house monastery of Maru Kuleshova

For a long time devoting myself to silence, an impulse was born in me to invite strangers to my southern home, who would be close to my vision and who wanted to become a part of my canvas in a certain timelessness of Russian spaces. 17 strangers from different cities of Russia responded to my request and we lived in my house for 3 days, creating and absorbing, creating unity and trust, giving each other our attention, presence, and becoming something united.

Maru Kuleshova is a 20 y.o. visual artist and wanderer, fully breathing and dedicated to visual space.

Recently, I have turned a lot to chants, painting, and icon painting, because they bring clarity and suggest, contribute to the discovery of many sensual solutions. Speaking about something like that only by keeping and having intention, images are born in me only as a reward for being faithful to the reality that I want to express and the means that I use for this. And an important component in such processes is to be open to the elusive and intangible.

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