Crossroads – project by Lucilla Flo

11 Marzo 2020

“Living in a metropolis has its challenges. There is a flux of people, flowing in and out of the city who cross each other in the enormous ‘non-places’ that the city offers. Sometimes, despite the crowd of people around us, we find ourselves alone. This feeling of solitude does not stem from the presence or absence of people, but due to a lack of people with whom we can connect, communicate our thoughts and empathize with them.

New York, Seoul, Buenos Aires or San Paolo, there is no difference: solitude knows no nationality. The metropolis is a great metaphor for our existence: “We often find ourselves faced with choices, without knowing where they will lead us, but we know that they will be able to define our days […] do we want to continue straight ahead or deviate?”

This work will be exhibited on March 26 at the arthouse digital gallery in NYC.

Lucilla Flo is a Roman photographer, born in 1983. Her work as a flight attendant allows her to visit many places, supporting and inspiring her creative activity.
From an early age, she was in contact with art thanks to her father, a professional artist. Growing up between stimuli, colors, and imagination, she develops a personality that pushes her overtime to take different paths. After the early death of her mother, at 11 years of age, she began a dancing path that led her to work as a dancer, thus supporting her historical-artistic studies. In 2006 she was hired by an airline and from here the travels and contacts with different cultures began, which stimulated interest in photography. In Buenos Aires, the love for tango erupts, from study to photographs, which he exhibits in November 2017 in “The light of the embrace”.
“I continue to photograph constantly during my travels to never forget my emotions.”

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