The girl like me – project by David Collier

17 Gennaio 2020

“The girl like me”
She was new to the neighbourhood, she didn’t seem like the other girls around here. 
Most of these girls get dressed up to leave the house, something about her made me think she did things in reverse. 
At first I thought she could be a girl like me, the girl that would become my friend, but she hasn’t made eye contact with me since that first day I saw her on the street.
We didn’t exchange words, just a smile and a nod as she passed me with a lollipop in her mouth and headphones in her ears. I wondered what she was listening to, what went on in her head, why did she always walk alone?
Being a new girl in this town can be hard, I know from experience, but as much as I wanted to approach her it was as though she was holding up a guard.
She moved with a perfect combination of confidence and innocence which always left me curious to know more about her. 
I often wondered what she was hiding, was she hiding from the outside world or hiding from herself?
Maybe that is what I found so intriguing about her, was it like looking into the mirror?
A girl that was full of secrets she promised herself that she would keep.

Photographer @davidcollierWords/Story
Danni Lee Jackson
Niki Hrstic
Kristyna Erbenova

I am based in Australia and shoot mainly with 35mm film as it produces the best colour and results. Most of what I publish is not edited at all except for a little bit of copping and maybe 25% would have the very slightest colour correction. (My limit is about 1 minute as I want to show the true shot best I can). My work often covers home based stories about the person in their environment and aim to tell a story and show the character of the person.I also want to entice the viewer to have a sense of “wanting to be there” or waning to “be like them”. The images also often show a certain cheekiness and confident attitude. My shoots are always fun, well organised but able to adapt on the day. We don’t take it too seriously and always have a few laughs.I work in Sydney as a senior producer and art buyer in advertising agencies freelance contract which pays the bills and allows me to just shoot what I want. I only do about 8-10 shoots a year. I work 8 months and travel about 3-4 months each year.

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