Tidal Circulation – project by Iza Zitney

19 Gennaio 2020

Tidal Circulation is inspired by the work of Theo Wenner and Richard Serra. Theo, a photographer, and Richard, an artist focusing on the Processed Art Movement, express the essential features of life and their rhythmical pattern: family, friends, and environments. We tend to feel the constant circulation of emotions and choices in this modern world. Always moving. Always surviving. It’s about the process, not the end result. In terms of tides, the slack water between the ebbing and flooding period mimics the static result of process art. Neither function is the primal focus, but the in-between of what is and what is not. Tidal Circulation x Process Art are forever generating and so are we.

“Obsession is what it comes down to. It is difficult to think without obsession, and it is impossible to create something without a foundation that is rigorous, incontrovertible, and, in fact, to some degree repetitive. Repetition is the ritual of obsession. Repetition is a way to jumpstart the indecision of beginning. To persevere and to begin over and over again is to continue the obsession with work. Work comes out of work. In order to work you must already be working.” —Richard Serra

Full moodboard: HWM_tudrimi 

Iza Zitney is an analog photographer & founder of TUDRIMI. She is inspired by all things made with meaning & love.

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