15 Febbraio 2021


It is a mechanism: reuse from an existing form, or “pre-evolution” makes us think about the fact that nature itself creates things that do not always have a utility, and could develop it (not always) with a very long evolutionary time.

Although the docu-film was shot during the global pandemic of 2020 there is no mention of this, it was only wanted to “steal” the time at the time that the opportunity has given us and for those who have had the courage to watch and see.

Darwin says that when a new species is formed, this species does not know where it is going.

Also in Genesis God speaks to Abraham “leave your father’s house, Leave your country what you know others do, leave your relatives and go to yourself”

God would point him to where to go next, after his “step”.

Like any scientist and artist or those who go through the birth canal (i.e. everyone) and also like anyone who falls in love because they don’t know where they will go what will happen to them but they set out and accept their ignorance.

It’s trial and error. Trial and error. Experimental note.


“Every wave knows it is the sea.
What undoes it does not disturb it
because what breaks it recreates it.”
Lao Tse

The documentary was shot by 50 people during the 2020 lockdown starting from a state of boredom and anxiety.
Spiritual practice is something that faces the future, so yes, it was a sort of Spiritual or an approach towards.
Souls, which is instead is a term that conceptually belongs to the past, are all the protagonists of this experimental work.
In life, you don’t prepare for exams as you do in school.
The process is reversed.
Life puts us in front of exams. Those who pass go on and learn the “lesson” and those who don’t those who do not pass find themselves at the same point, perhaps with other people or situations but always repeating that repeat that “exam”.




Documentario sperimentale – 2020

Director: Aksinja Bellone
Editor: Anna Lapiccirella
Original score: Daniele Cocomazzi

Starring (and a huge thanks to):
Aksinja Bellone
Anna Lapiccirella
Alessandra Piscopo
Andrea Collina
Andrea Scarpa
Ania Rizzi Bogdan
Anita Sorrentini
Annalisa Lombardi
Antonio La Rosa

Chiara Primavesi
Davide Crippa
Debora Vrizzi
Dorella & Plume
Elena Bettanello
Eleonora Gusmano
Elena Head
Elfo Chiarenza
Estel Luz
Federica Cocciro
Francesca Pellegrini
Gaetano Lombardi
Giorgia Soi
Giulia Renzi
Giulia Siniscalchi
Giuseppe Vincenti
Irina Rosca
Isabella Sarti
Lara Asero
Lara Zibret
Luca Confortini
Luce Cardinale
Margherita Bojola
Marta Peroni
Martina Vodanova
Michael Marini
Michela Lombato
Nella Ryder

Pasquale Bonfilio
Rachele Marinelli
Raimonda Bruzaite
Riccardo Bianco
Roberta Filannino
Rosita Carducci
Rouge Maudit
Serena Limonta
Sophie Sarr
Simona Gobbi
Tommaso De Bacco
Viola Calia




I am Aksinja, a filmmaker from Milan,
During the lockdown I asked some artists/friends to do an experiment together:
Produce each with their own means a separate audio and video.
Theme: identity.
Only their own.
None of the participants knew their “travel” companions.
I asked them to investigate their own identity up to that day and “strip away” the superfluous to share with others without having control over the final output.
There was an attempt to trust each other, I for my part did not know what could come to me nor how I would edit it.


Film Director

cell. +393282166956

IG: aksi_pollock




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