PRUEBA Y ERROR – project by Hellen Rodel

14 Gennaio 2020

Trial and error is a series that talks about the search for true identity and recesses of it in everyday life. Seeks to show personality as something artistic and symbolizable, while subject to the new experiences of the present and as a vehicle of new perceptions.

Hellen Rodel is a non-binary photographer and visual artist. She’s born in La Plata, Argentina on March 26th 1999. Hellen discovered her passion for photography at a very early age and she started her career at the age of eighteen. Her work is known for the vivacity of colors, the utilization of surreal backgrounds and the counter-hegemonic aesthetic. Hellen also explores other disciplines and formats such as video and scenography. At the moment, she resides in her hometown La Plata and studies Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

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