L’Amletico – HW interview to Claudio Sagliocco

1 Marzo 2021

HW: What did you want to do when you grew up?

CS: Among the many, many things I fantasized about as a child certainly included the desire to make documentaries. On animals, I thought at the time, today I have moved on to art.

HW: Can you introduce yourself?

CS: Claudio, 25 years old, Roman, Italian, and Belgian. Morbidly curious.


HW: What is L’Amletico?

CS:  It is an online magazine and a cultural association. We want to be a reference point for the Roman
We want to be a reference point for the Roman cultural scene, both as a compass for orientation and as a springboard for young artists. L’Amletico is an extraordinary group, it is a hunger for knowledge, desire to discover, to excite and to bring people closer to culture.


HW: How was this project born?

CS: Born in a totally random and spontaneous, as the most beautiful things. A summer a few years ago on a basketball court I met some guys who were then the core of this project. We discovered that we had many passions in common besides sports. A few weeks later we were jotting down ideas on a napkin in a pizzeria, and a few months later the website was born. A year later the cultural association.


HW: How do you describe your lifestyle?

CS:  Amletico, of course!



HW: Who introduced you to art?

CS:  My father and my mother. I consider myself very lucky because they have taken me to museums and exhibitions since I was a child (I must have been very young). Since I was in diapers (I must have been only a few months old), bringing me to have a close familiarity with these places. For years I assimilated works of art of all kinds, I could not I couldn’t help being an art historian!


HW: Which artists (of any kind) are you a fan of?

CS:  This kind of question always puts me in crisis. I like so many of them, I don’t know how to make a selection.
Making a selection in bulk, I would say: Bosch, Rembrandt, Goya, Caravaggio, Turner, Fellini, Herzog, Pasolini, Verne, de André, Dylan and many, many more.


HW: What are you obsessed with right now?

CS:  Among the various obsessions, I’m particularly interested in right now is writing.


HW: The first image that comes to your mind at the word Hamlet?

CS:  Nine giant cardboard letters (handmade and hand-painted under the scorching sun of the Roman summer), which make up the word L’Amletico.
make up the word L’Amletico as if it were Hollywood, but on a farm in the city. Nice
image no?


HW: How would you describe your work?

CS:  A totally useless job, and for this reason perhaps among the few necessary for mankind.


HW: What is the Dream?

CS:  World peace I guess doesn’t count. Class struggle and social justice are okay?
(Or more simply the ability to live off my passion).


HW: L’Amletico, when, how, where?

CS:  Everyday. Hamlet is a way of life, it is having the curiosity necessary to be in the world, as an old man in a village told me.
said to me in a small town in the Irpinian hinterland.



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