Studio DSTN – Interview to Julia Ida Maria & Bernardo De Anda

5 Maggio 2020

HW: What did you want to be when you grew up?

B: I wanted to be a musician and an architect.

J: A traveler!

HW: How would you describe your job/ work?

J: Our job is to appreciate the beauty of life.

B: We try to create in a unique way so the spectator can experience emotions, even if it’s for a couple of seconds.

HW: Can you introduce us to @studiodstn?

J&B: We are Julia Ida Maria & Bernardo De Anda. We are French-Mexican photographers, filmmakers and creative directors.

DSTN is a creative studio that support brands in their daily need of lifestyle content. We accompany them by making their visual image stand out, but most important, we want to effectively translate the identity and personality with a visual language.


HW: Talk to us a little bit about how you got started… 

J: DSTN is the encounter of two human being! Bernardo and I met 8 years ago in México. We kind of met “on set” but also fell in love (we are married now!). I have been working in the Marketing fields for brands and agencies in Barcelona & LA, and Bernardo was a video director. The desire to explore and grow artistically, pushed us to collaborate on specific projects together.


HW: Which musicians/ photographers/artists/ filmmakers are you a fan of?

B: I could make and endless list of musicians that I love, I´m a melomaniac! This morning we´ve listened to Khruangbin with Leon Bridges, the perfect combo for a sunny sunday. CassMcCombs is a musician that I have been listening to very often in the last 3 years. And there are bands which I would never get tired of listening to, like Pink Floyd, Air, Manu Chao, Bob Marley.

J: I live & work with a melomaniac, so his Spotify is what I hear all day! Personally I grew up in Europe and I love festivals, especially electronic music.

B : I´ve been a long time fan of French cinema, especially the movies and directors of La Nouvelle Vague such as Jean Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Éric Rohmer. I´m also a huge fan of Xavier Dolan, which I think is one of the most talented directors of our time!

Still from “Le genou de Claire” Eric Rohmer


HW: What are you obsessed with right now?

J&B: We are obsessed with Éric Rhomers films at the moment. We loved his collection of six moral tales. His visual style is so beautiful, pure and simple. He captures the beauty of simple life details in a very smart way!

Still from ‘La collectionneuse” Eric Rohmer

B: I´m also obsessed with the idea that ourselves and everything that surrounds us in the whole universe is made from the same energy.

J: I am painting lately! I started watercolor during quarantine. I love women bodies forms and beige tones. 


HW: What’s the philosophy behind your studio?

J&B: Our philosophy is to become each day a better version of ourselves. Because the more we are in touch we our true selves the easier we can express through creativity. 

HW: Tell us about the process behind the creation of a content… 

J&B: Our first step is getting to deeply understand each brand, product or service. We need to know what is the soul of the brand and their audience. Once we have a clear idea of what is the essence of the brand then we will do a brainstorming where we will gather all type of references (places, movies, photos, music, etc.) that can relate to this essence.

HW: Where do you get your inspiration from?

B: We really get inspired from very different sources such as movies, music videos, books, memories, daily life, and music! For instance music is a very important source because it can describe a very precise mood that otherwise it would be very hard to express.

J: I am inspired by people, their reaction. I am an observer. 

Bernardo shot by Julia, Paris 2019.

HW: What’s your best advice for somebody who wants to do what you do?

J&B: Really do what best pleases you. Not as easy as it sounds! Don´t think of what other people will think, just do it your way. This doesn’t mean you will always create amazing stuff, but you will start finding your own style and where your true potential is. Then people will notice it because a personal creation is always unique.


HW: What do you think your biggest professional success has been so far?

B: Being able to continue working with both European and Mexican brands, and being able to keep traveling to new places while creating content.

J: Being together, grow together.


HW: What’s the best way to be noticed in the creative industry?

B: Being constant, sincere, and improving the quality of the content. Julia, you know better!

J: Actually I don’t! I always question myself if I produced something because of people’s taste or being really me. The “being you” part is the hardest. Still working on it.

HW: What’s the dream?

B: Creating a full length film & living in a sustainable home on the countryside.

J: Going to Italy once a year at least.

HW: What do you think of the link between psychology and art?

J&B: They are bound together, art is an intimate expression, for the creator and for the audience. The artist’s inner emotions are shaped by human psychology, and each viewer will react differently due to their individual psychology. So one work of Art creates infinite experiences, and that is the beauty of it.


HW: How would you represent @humanwonder.mag image?

J&B: A good Nouvelle Vague movie!







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