CONTINGENCY: MY KIND OF FEMININITY – project by Gloria Berenice Moreno

11 Maggio 2020

Contingency: My Kind of Femininity is a film photography project that transcends stereotypical narratives of femininity. This project was born out of a need to explore and celebrate the intrinsically subjective meaning of femininity by allowing people to represent themselves in the way they choose and let their bodies and words speak on their behalf. Rather than asking what femininity is, this project questions the very essence and materiality thereof – how does one feel feminine, and what makes one feel feminine? This project creates a space in which people can celebrate ‘their kind of femininity’ and challenge the age-old social constructs of the requisites of femininity itself. This project demonstrates the plurality of views on the feminine body, on self-representation, and on agency in a male-saturated world. By challenging gender stereotypes through their collective force, these photographs and videos actively push back against objectifying representations of the body and of the concept of femininity, creating a space of resistance comprised by the bare body itself. 


Gloria Berenice Moreno is an Italian photographer, visual artist, and anthropologist based and working in Copenhagen. 
Instagram: @glor.iam 



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