Adriatica – project by Alessia Morellini

16 Maggio 2020

Adriatica was the sea still deserted, the aimless walking, the exclusive noise of the waves, the warm sun trying to warm you up.

These are photos taken at the end of this mild winter, alone … it was just me, the sea and some idle passerby; they represent fragments that I remember with great emotion especially in this moment.

It was a muffled world, with soft colors in which I naively felt safe and serene; now as never before I feel like going back to those places and immortalizing the changes and what has remained unchanged.







Morellini Alessia (1985) lives and works in Modena. Her life is animated by two passions: photography and travel. While attending university, she began as a self-taught photographer to capture the solitary and aseptic scenarios of the Po Valley, and then moved her research beyond the national borders.She has collaborated with Repubblica, C41 Image magazine and a various number of digital magazines (Coy Culture, Somewhere Mag, Our Momentum, Peach Magazine, No More Mondays, Broad Mag.) Today, she also works as a freelance photographer for some brands in the textile area of Carpi.





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