Across Time – project by Angelica Cantù Rajnoldi

26 Gennaio 2021

“Across Time” is a project that originated during a four-day trip to Sicily days in October 2020. During this trip has resurfaced a theme that is very dear to me and that has always been a topos of literature: time. A theme that can be trivial in its recurrence, but in its inner recurrence, but that in its internalization is personal and unique especially in an era such as ours, in which time is now marked in various forms increasingly individualistic. Despite this, time remains the only unit with which man measures and perceives his existence. The photos exhibited here want to propose a reflection on time in its material form:
man builds and through construction, his intention has always been to leave a trace. A trace that even if resistant changes, evolves in the days, in the years, over the centuries, assuming a dramatic and fascinating meaning at the same time. Man inhabits time, moulds it, following imagination and project, and dissolves in it. What remains at the end is a silence full of history, which we recover in the face of monuments, in the uncontaminated space once inhabited, in the eternity of concreteness.
In this delicate historical moment of a global pandemic in which we are immersed this theme has re-emerged in my mind more than ever to remind me that it is perhaps a time of different quality that we need to recover: a time that is no longer marked by duty, by commitments, but a time that is commitments, but a solitary time that leads to infinite possibilities of research in our deepest inner self. A human time beyond global events, that now reflected in our daily life that now seems empty, devoid of sociality, but that one day we will live again as a one day we will relive it as a memory of enormous potential. We are still in time, now more than ever, it is only up to us to understand how to inhabit it in new forms.



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