Nocturnal Animals – project by Giuliano Cipollone

24 Febbraio 2020

The reason why I take pictures is always the same. The need of holding on to something that strikes me to avoid its disappearance. I am really drawn to colors, that’s why I try to make the most of their liveliness. The power of color is at its best when in presence of night lights. The reality that beams out forcefully from the dark and black is displayed with all its dream force. Also in places where sunlight never reaches, such as the underground, in a timeless dimension, I am always given the chance to play with chromatisms.

Giuliano Cipollone was born in Rome on November the 1st, 1995. He completed classical studies and then enrolled at DAMS (Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production). Here he discovered his vocation for photography. Together with some classmates he created a production group later called “Girama” with whom he shot his first short movie “The Lion of the Tiber”: it describes the daily routine of his grandfather, who at the age of 86 continues to cultivate his passion for rowing and for the river of the eternal city. Currently G attends one of Italy’s best Film Academies, the “Gian Maria Volonté”, to become a cinematographer.

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