“IMMENSI SPAZI” – project by Angelica Cantú Rajnoldi

27 Maggio 2020

How many times a day do we daydream about the far away and want to be there?
How many times in life do we want silence in contrast to the rumor constant in life? How many times inside of us would we want to put time on hold and to be eternally present to ourselves?
These shots want to leverage these deep desires and needs of each of us and to give a moment of silence in which the “I” is annulled, dissolving into the infinite possibility of what is external, Other.
Contemplating the space will perhaps forever remain what allows us to put from our life starts, freeing our mind and making it open to receive stimuli…new, pure, initial, and always different. The landscape remains the place where each of us ceases to exist for an instant, being reborn with a greater awareness of one’s own humanity.


“Immensi spazi”

Immensi spazi tra me e me,
Tra un futuro troppo vicino
E un presente dormiente.
Ancora più immensi gli spazi
Tra i desideri e i doveri di tutti
Quelli che vivono sapendo di vivere
Senza vivere affatto.
E continuo a sperare
Che il sottile legame
Che ci avvicina e unisce
Sia ancora umano e sensitivo,
Come siamo noi davvero.
Come salsole – forse un giorno
O un istante – nel deserto
Senza cautela ci muoveremo,
E obbligati dal vento spontaneo
Apprenderemo la libertà
Del tutto e ora, tra quei tanti
Immensi spazi.






My name is Angelica and I am a young student who for some years now has been passionately dedicated to photography and poetry.


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